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Digital Learning Developer (HR)

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Do you have the ability to grow a team? Build and drive company culture that mimic's that of the founder? Implement systems that are scalable? We want YOU!

Do you have the ability to grow a team? Build and drive company culture that mimic's that of the founder? Implement systems that are scalable? We want YOU!


As our agency embarks on the exciting journey of building and launching our own eCommerce brands in mid to late 2023, we recognize the importance of maintaining an operational and highly effective team. To ensure our success and facilitate the reinvestment of generated cash into our burgeoning brand, we are seeking a strategic HR professional. This role will be pivotal in fostering a workforce capable of treating our brand with the same dedication and excellence as we do our valued clients. The HR expert will play a critical part in nurturing our agency's growth, directly contributing to our goal of achieving a high valuation before considering a comprehensive sale under a roll-up strategy.

About this position

Key Responsibility

What you'll do:

  • Craft and execute recruitment campaigns that attract candidates with a background in digital marketing, using industry-specific job boards and social media strategies.
  • Design an onboarding process that immerses new hires into our digital-first culture, ensuring they grasp our branding, web design, and advertising ethos from day one.
  • Serve as a go-to resource for employees, providing guidance that reflects an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within a digital marketing agency.
  • Develop performance metrics that resonate with creative and technical roles, leveraging digital tools to provide relevant feedback and support career growth in a marketing context.
  • Identify e-learning and development programs that enhance skills in digital marketing disciplines, fostering continuous professional growth in alignment with industry trends.
  • Update HR policies to reflect the nuances of working in a digital marketing environment, ensuring compliance while promoting our culture of innovation.
  • Manage terminations with professionalism, using digital tools to maintain clarity and respect throughout the process.



  • 30% Recruitment and Staffing
  • 30% Talent Development for SME’s
  • 15% Employee Relations
  • 10% Performance Management
  • 10% Compliance and Record Keeping
  • 5% Employee Engagement


Starting Salary




  • 12 days of annual paid leave per year (can be taken after first 6 months probation period)
  • 5 days of sick paid leave during each calendar year
  • Semi-Flexible hours


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or Business Administration, with a solid grasp of digital marketing fundamentals.
  • Experience in HR within a digital marketing or related creative industry.
  • Proficiency in HR systems, with an understanding of how these platforms can be optimized for a marketing-focused talent pool.
  • Strong organizational skills with an ability to manage multiple projects in a dynamic, creative environment.
  • Exceptional communication skills, with fluency in the language of digital creatives.
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Desired Skills

What we're looking for:

  • Digital Marketing Acumen: A candidate who not only excels in digital HR practices but also understands the intricacies of digital marketing roles and how they drive business success.
  • Creative Collaboration: A team player who values the creative process and facilitates a work environment that stimulates innovation.
  • Tech-Forward Problem-Solving: Someone who leverages digital tools to address HR challenges within the context of a fast-paced marketing agency.


  • Resistance to the unique dynamics of a digital marketing agency.
  • Inability to appreciate the intersection of creativity and technology in our work.
  • Discomfort in a fast-paced, project-driven creative environment.
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Essential Requirements

Candidate Preferences

  • Candidates based in Asia
  • Candidates who can work day time hours of Asia
  • Disinclined to side hustles
  • Education: a minimum of HS, Bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required
  • Fluency in English
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Key Performance Indicators

How you'll be measured:

  • Time to fill
  • Quality of Hires
  • Employee Churn Rate
  • Training Effectiveness
  • Employee Satisfaction rating
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