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Do you have the ability to grow team? Break sales and revenue targets? Implement systems that are scalable? We want YOU!

Do you have the ability to grow team? Break sales and revenue targets? Implement systems that are scalable? We want YOU!


Our agency is building our own eCommerce brand(s) and launching them mid to late 2023 which means that we need our agency to remain operational and EFFECTIVE while generating cash we can re-invest into the brand. Our agency will treat the brand as a client and will get direct benefits from its growth and potential larger future sale. We are looking to take it to a 9-figure valution before we considering selling everything under a roll-up. Thus, the effectiveness and growth of the agency is critical to the overall 5-15 year plan we have.

About this position

Key Responsibility

What you'll do:

The General Manager is responsible for two main efforts. The generation of leads for our agency (referrals or cold) and talent acquisition efforts. You should be able to manage a team of 10 or more while overseeing client performance to drive our customer retention. Subsequently, you are expected to project financial outcomes for the agency.

How you’ll spend your time:

  • 20% doing actual tasks managing client performance
  • 15% improving systems
  • 25% driving the team and leading them first-hand
  • 25% internal talent acquisition
  • 15% driving new sales and growing the revenue of the company


Starting Salary

USD 5,000

USD 12,000


  • Performance pay, equity, profit share, on-track earning, or anything similar are all options on the table.
  • 12 days of annual paid leave per year (can be taken after first 6 months probation period)
  • 5 days of sick paid leave during each calendar year


  • Minimum 5 years in a leadership role at an agency or large eCommerce brand or department.
  • Experienced sales skills and can handle sales calls and build up a small sales team
  • Strong and solid digital marketing background (both for lead generation and eCommerce, specifically D2C websites, not 3rd party platforms like Amazon, Lazada, etc.)
  • Managed a team of twelve or more
  •  Exposure to human resource: Recruitment and Termination
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Desired Skills

What we're looking for:

  • Extremely performance driven
  • Great with people both on the client side and team side
  • A problem solved
  • An integrator
  • Detail-orientedness

Candidate Value Must-Haves

  • Radical Transparency
  • Radical Ownership
  • Analytical and performance drive
  • Exceptional Communication
  • Open-mindedness
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Essential Requirements

Candidate Preferences

  • Candidates based in Asia
  • Candidates who can work from 7 AM until 9 PM PST or a similar time frame (Clients are global and evenly split between USA and HK/PH time zone.
  • Disinclined to side hustles
  • Education: a minimum of HS, Bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required
  • Fluency in English


  • Well-versed in web design & development, graphics, and branding automation
  • Understanding of how most adobe products work
  • Understanding and first-hand experience on the back end of WordPress and Shopify
  • Facebook and Google ads first-hand experience
  • Email marketing CRM first-hand experience for BOTH lead gen and eCom. (For instance: Hubspot platform for lead generation, Klaviyo for eCom)
  • B2B/B2B Lead Generation
  • B2C eCommerce
  • Start up company requirements and expectations for going from 0 to a hero
  • Make, Integromat OR Zapier experience preferred but not required

Key Performance Indicators

How you'll be measured:

  • Customer Growth
  • Customer retention
  • Referrals
  • Cold leads to close ratio
  • Revenue per team member
  • Team growth
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