Funnel Breakdown Analysis for Ecommerce


Discover the exact parts of your Meta ad funnel that are holding you back from scaling

Sometimes a simple change in the funnel is all you need for your marketing economics to work! This Funnel Breakdown Analysis has allowed our performance agency to accurately assess issues in a funnel and fix them right away.

Who stands to benefit from this?

If you run an e-commerce business, spend at least $2,000 per month on FB ads, and possess basic advertising knowledge, this tool is perfect for you.

What can you expect from this tool?

šŸ’”Identify bottlenecks in your funnel

šŸ’”Pinpoint areas for improvement in specific parts of your funnel

šŸ’”Make informed decisions based on actual metrics rather than guesswork

Want maximum impact? Combine this tool with The Hidden Metrics Handbook for Ecommerce, designed to help you assess each stage of your funnel and provide clear steps to boost your results.